NZTR And Racing Australia consider joint initiatives

Alan Jackson  - Trish Dunell
Alan Jackson

Trish Dunell

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) and Racing Australia (RA) met recently to discuss how a more collaborative approach might benefit both organisations and industry participants.

The meeting was attended by the chairs of both NZTR and RA, along with the CEOs of both organisations and other directors and senior management.

Among the issues discussed were the potential for technology sharing opportunities; cooperation around the Rules of Racing; a coordinated approach on the development of staying races; and the opportunities for shared services.

“The meeting was a first step in a collaborative approach on issues relating to improving thoroughbred racing across both countries,” NZTR chairman Alan Jackson said.

“We all now participate in a global sport and entertainment market place and sharing systems and initiatives with the one objective of improving owner and punter experience in thoroughbred racing is vital.”

Racing Australia chair Frances Nelson said: “Racing Australia welcomed the discussions as a reminder that, even before Phar Lap, New Zealand and Australia shared a passion for racing.

 “We look forward to working strategically with NZTR in pursuing initiatives to develop a robust staying programme for the region and our industry participants.

“It makes sense to work together and seize the resultant opportunities to try and ensure an exciting future for New Zealand and Australian racing participants.”


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